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If you have recently joined Cup MB you may be familiar with Wispie (Wispie.net) which was the previous forums/message boards that I was running. Wispie was recently closed I was becoming more and more frustrated with the software it was running on (Invision Power Board). Initially I had thought it would be easy to convert all members to the new software (phpbb) however there is currently no working converter for the versions. So I had to make the icky decision to close Wispie and start fresh.

Eh, I have to register again?!
If you were a member of Wispie, you will have to sign up again. I am really sorry about that, but there was no option that I could find to convert the members. I guess it might help you to also decide if you do want to be apart of the community or not. I hope that you will. <3

Why did you change the name?
Since I had to start everything new, I thought it might be nice to have a new name and design. I wanted something that was very simple and easy to remember, as well as a short url.

Why start a new board when you could have kept the old one?
The reason that I wanted to move away from the old forum using Invision Powerboard, was due to the fact that a lot of spam was getting through, as well as the whole board beginning to act very 'noodly'. Such as topics being removed, posts disappearing and the whole board running very 'heavy' on the server.

Lols, no converter, really?
Yeah, really. :/ I made the assumption that there would be a converter avaliable for IPB to Phpbb. Nope. Not for the versions that I had. There were topics on the phpbb forums with links to converters, but only ones that did not work, or gave errors and were not updated. So what could I do. :'( I didn't want to have to loose all the posts. -_-

I hope this answers any questions you might have had about the change. <3
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