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Kalliste wrote:
Karin wrote:Boyfriend lured me into Heroes of the Storm. I'm not all that familiar with Blizzard games and don't recognize most of the characters, but it's still cute and a lot of fun :)
I watched the trailer for it which is very pretty but I'm still confused what the game is about :P Is it RPG MMO?
It's a battle arena type of game, sort of like Super Smash Bros. but you always play as part of a team. It's always 5 vs 5 and the goal is to destroy the other teams base, or "core" as they call it.
Before every match you pick the hero you want to play as from a list. They come in different classes (warrior, support etc.) and all have their own unique skills and abilities.
And as you play you gain experience and in-game gold for your account with which you can unlock more heroes.

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